Bathroom Remodel

The new toilet is an almond color that matches the tub/shower unit.

This home was built in the 80’s and the bathroom had linoleum that needed to be replaced with tile. The cabinet faces and doors needed refinishing after 25+ years of getting splashed with water / hairspray and acquiring some general fading.

New tile was installed with accent pieces. The cabinets were refinished to improve the look of the original woodwork. This was a very affordable option to refacing or replacing the cabinets.





This light strip was an 80’s style and needed to be updated with something a little more “in style”. It used eight 60 watt light buls for a total of 480 watts.


This modern light fixture not only looks better, but is more efficient. It uses three 100 watt halogen light bulbs for a total of 300 watts. The bathroom is lighted just as well, but there is a savings of 180 watts!



This toilet broke at the back of the bowl so the whole toilet was replaced to match the bathtub/shower unit.




The shower/bath fixtures were getting pretty “crusty” with minerals as well as being very old and out of style.

Doesn’t that look better? The fixtures were replaced with a chrome / gold trim finish.




This Jacuzzi type tub had a couple of leaking jets that I had to fix.

The tub was also out of level. Water pooled on the back edge of the tub. I removed all the original tile and re-leveled the tub and then put up new tile.



The addition of the hotel shower rod and the accent tiles really dress up this shower / tub.

As you can see, this is a shower for two!!




After the addition of white floor tiles with white grout. This is so simple, yet so clean and elegant.





The gold finish on the faucets was tarnished and crusted up with mineral deposits. They were replace with chrome finish and gold trim faucets with coordinated hand towel racks.