Fence / Retaining Wall


This property had a side yard that sloped down to the sidewalk which created an unusable space that was hard to mow or plant a garden. A previous fence had rotted / blown over and required replacing. Even though it was a 6 foot fence, it was too low to provide any privacy due to the slope of the property. The solution to the unusable space was a 3 foot retaining wall constructed of cottage stone and top soil was brought in to level the area behind the fence. The top of the fence is now 3 feet higher than the previous fence and creates lots of privacy for the family when they are enjoying their deck for barbecues and gatherings.




Because of the height of the fence and the leverage the wind would place on the fence / retaining wall, an achoring system was engineered to prevent the fence from blowing over. Since the fence is located directly behind the top cottage stone, any wind at all would blow the fence over and destroy the wall beneath it. As you can see, the fence / retaining wall is constructed along a curved sidewalk, which makes the structure conform to the surrounding attributes of the property and gives it a lot of architectural beauty.





A specially designed footing had to be fashioned behind this tree to protect the root system. The fence / retaining wall angles away from the sidewalk at this point to allow the tree to continue to survive, uninterupted, and brings the new structure to a pleasing intersection with the neighbors existing fence.








The arched gate and top cap design on the fence finishes this structure nicely. The fence / retaining wall angles towards the corner of the house at this point, making angles that blend with their existing landscaping.